July 2018

The Princes Trust

Residents meetingRecently we were very privileged to have Joe and Stephen from the Prince’s trust entertain us for an afternoon. They were very nervous at first but gave us a trivia quiz which was followed by a game of bingo. There were two winners and they generously gave plants to both. We hope to welcome them back in October. This is a charity for young people to help 11 – 30 year olds who are unemployed or struggling to transform their lives. Last year they empowered over 58,000 young people to turn their lives around. More than 3 in 4 of them will achieve greatness in seeking employment , education and training. This was set up in 1976 when HRH The Prince of Wales had finished his duty in the Royal Navy, he became dedicated to improving the lives of disadvantaged young people in the UK. He founded his Trust to deliver on that commitment.

Drink up, don’t dry out!!!!

PimmsPlease remember to drink more during these summer months. It is so important to drink to maintain our fluids. 

Our Lottery Winners

lottery ballsThe winners are :-


2nd May – Mrs. Betty Greig

9th May – Rollover

16th May – Mrs. Sandra Lambert

23rd May – Rollover

30th May – Rollover

Birthday Wishes

happy birthday

Happy Birthday


Mrs. Helena Glennon, Mrs. Pearl Humphrey, Mrs. Daphne Coleman, Mr. John Pennell and Mr. John Strembeck.


The Land Army Girls
The Land Army Girls will be entertaining you on Monday 13th August at 6pm. We are hoping to make this a special evening with a few nibbles so that we might encourage you  to all to stay up a bit later.

BBQ Reminder !!

BBQ reminderOn the 24th July we will holding our BBQ along with Full Beam to entertain you at 3pm. If you wish to join in there is a charge of £5 for our dazzling company!!! Please let us know ASAP if you wish to attend. The weather has been booked to.

 Raffle Tickets

RaffleFor those of you that knows us will be aware that with every event comes a raffle!! Please see Shelagh to buy your tickets.

Sunny Afternoons

SunnyWe wait for all those months for the sun to appear and then before we know it we are all complaining that it’s too hot. We have finally been able to enjoy our lovely garden and the views from it during the last few days and even had an ice cream out there. We have brought some sun cream which we have left in the main medic room for anyone to use. Please ask for any assistance in applying this as we really do not wish anyone to burn.


We have a lady that has continued to visit us from the W.I after completing most of our memory boards. The W.I visited for 3 months but Carol has agreed to continue to visit us. Our homework is knitting squares as Carol is making blankets for premature babies at the hospital. Some of our ladies have already got their needles out at the ready and started making their squares. If you wish to join in then please see Shelagh as she can supply the wool and the needles to.

  Manager’s MomentManagers

As you will be aware that during the last month we have said goodbye to some of our staff. These periods of change are always difficult but we are currently recruiting for new care staff. Our new Head of Care, Sam will be commencing her role mid July; she will be introduced to you all. No doubt by now most of you will have met Karen our Care administrator who is currently updating all of your existing care plans with you.

During July through to September all of our senior team will be taking annual leave. This also includes both Keith and me.

We really hope that you are all enjoying the frequent trips out now that all can access, also the extra time that all residents are having with Shelagh out of the main lounge.  We really do try to involve you all and ensure that you all benefit from events or just having that all important chat. If you do feel that we are missing some things then please come to see us to tell us, your feedback is very important. Our flowers are really looking very colourful now and they really enhance our garden. It is lovely to see many of you and your families sitting out there during the day. We must be long overdue one of our Pimms afternoons!!

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