March 2018

Residents Meeting

Residents MeetJust a little reminder to you all to come and join us in Valley View lounge at 3pm on Tuesday 13th March. This is for our Resident’s meeting where you can all ask any questions that you may have. We will also be discussing our recent CQC report and will address any concerns that you may have. This meeting is open to all relatives and friends to join in.


VALENTINESHe was back in the building!! Elvis came to entertain us all to help celebrate Valentines day. As always we really enjoyed all of the songs that he sung and the many kisses we got from him. He even dueted with Ron, one of our residents. It really was a lovely entertaining afternoon.

bonus ball


Bonus Ball Winners

The results are :-

3rd February – Rollover

10th February – Rollover

17th February – Rollover

24th February – Mrs. Barbara Weston

Birthday Wishes

happy birthday

Happy Birthday

go to Marjorie Girdler, Jean Burberry, Pauline Grieg, Beryl Wilson, Gwen Torrance, Phyllis Padgham, Doris Hunnisett and finally Elizabeth Grieg.  A very busy month!!

 We Are Winners

WinnersA big thank you to Linda Hillier who entered us into a competition to win a free entertainer called Little Uke. We won . You could say that Linda is a lady of the night!! She is one of our night carers. Little Uke will be entertaining us on 14th March at 3.30pm, all are welcome to come and join us on this day.


EntertainmentIs there anything that you wish for us to arrange for you? If you would like more quizzes or reminiscence afternoons then please let us know. We really want to do more of what you really enjoy so please tell us so it can be arranged for you.

W.I Group

WI GroupWe are very excited to welcome a local W.I group to help us put together some memory boards for our resident’s room. Our first meeting will be on March 26th at 2pm. We are hoping that families may wish to get involved to. We are very grateful to the ladies of the W.I for giving up their time and hope that it will be a success

Our Guide Dog

Guide DogWe have recently had an update on our guide dog that we sponsor. Libby’s puppy walker Fiona says that she is very sociable and loves everyone. She is very calm for a puppy and has just completed her first award for good citizen training. They are still working on her focus as sometimes she gets distracted by Cats, Pigeons and Squirrels. The next pupdate will be in June.  

Alexandra Park Project

AlexandraWe have now started our new project surrounding our local park. Everyone appears to be really enjoying this and finding it really interesting. Ann, our library lady found us a very good book with lots of old pictures as well as lots of information. We are hoping to add our memories of the park to the history of the park into a scrapbook eventually.  

Scrapbook of the Old Town

Scrap BookAs you will all remember that a group of us recently researched our lovely Old Town. We all really enjoyed the Fish and Chips that were a part of this project!! All of our memories have been collated into a scrapbook for you all to see. This will be available from early March for anyone that wishes to look at it.

 Manager’s Moment

ManagersWell as you can see there is not a lot of room for us this month. It has been a very busy time for us with dealing with our CQC visit and continuing with your care plans. Thank you to all of our families that have spent time with us and our resident’s during these lengthy questions sessions!! Residents are able to see their care plans at any time and families (with consent) may also see contents. You will be asked on completion if you wish to look at the final draft of it. As you will appreciate there is a lot of writing to read so you may have to make an appointment with Sandra or Keith to see the care plan. Please remember that if you do wish to see either of us then please come to our office at any time to talk to us.

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