August   2019

Coffee Afternoon

Coffee MorningThank you to everyone that recently supported our coffee afternoon. It was a lovely afternoon and very well supported. We have all probably gained a few pounds following this after enjoying the lovely cakes made by many of you. During this afternoon we raised £150 which will go towards our Resident’s fund. Thank you to Shelagh who organised it and made many of the cakes.

Our Lottery


We have for the time being decided to take a break from doing the bonus ball due to the number of people taking part reducing. Perhaps we will restart this again at a later date but we wish to thank everyone that has supported us in the past with this fundraising event for our resident’s fund.


Birthday Wishes

Birthday wishes go to:  Mrs. Connie Houchen.


I cannot believe that already we are talking about Christmas but as you know we do have to plan early. Already we have booked many of the entertainers for you programme with only a few dates left. We have booked some of our new entertainers that you have enjoyed during the last month and some old faces to. It will come around so quickly now that we have passed the halfway mark of the year. We really hope that you will enjoy everything that is booked.


Library BooksPlease remember that we have a lady from the library visiting once a month. If anyone is interested in doing some reading then please let Shelagh know and she will introduce Ann to you. We are very fortunate to have her as she manages to find books on most of the topics that are given to her.

Family Day

Family DayWe are so looking forward to our very first family day being held on Sunday 1st September. Lets hope that the weather is on side that day so that we can enjoy our picnic in the garden as planned. If it is wet we will carry on regardless, we are British!!  We will start around midday and hope to have a game of Rounders and will also do events for the children. Please remember to bring your bears with you, there could be a prize!!

Pickhams Farm
I know that we were all very disappointed that we recently had to cancel the visit from the Florence the miniature donkey and the other small animals. On the day that they planned to visit us it turned out to be the hottest day of the year so it was really not good for them to be transported. We have re booked for 2nd September when hopefully it will be a little more cooler for them. I know we are all very much looking forward to this visit 

Art Group

ButterfliesRecently we had another new entertainer at the beginning of July which was Mojo’s which is an arts programme. We had some beautiful butterflies that they helped our residents paint. These are now proudly displayed in our lounge for all to see.


Managers Moment

CQC SuccessDuring August you will all get to meet our newly appointed senior team. Most of you will have already met Gemma but next week you will be introduced to Rebekah and Bill. In addition to this we have also recruited two care assistants to strengthen our team. Anda will shortly be going onto nights after her return from leave. Just so that you all know Sandra will be on leave for two weeks in August and then Keith will follow for two weeks in September. We will then concentrate on engaging a Head of Care once our senior team are settled into their posts.

Recently we have looked and changed our breakfast times as some residents were not receiving their breakfast until 9am. Being that lunch is served at midday the gap was not big enough between meal times. Many residents were not eating their main meal and through audits it was loud and clear that you did not wish for lunchtime to be moved to a later time. We really both hope that you will all understand why we needed to change this time. We assure you all that this was done with the best of intentions for you all to take longer over breakfast.