December   2019


Thank you to everyone that came to Ann Marie’s birthday party. It was such a well kept secret by you all and took so much arranging. I know that Ann Marie did not suspect and it really was a special day for her. Thank you for being part of that.

Birthday Wishes

wishes go to:
Miss. Audrey Vale and Mrs. Ann Milstead
Enjoy your birthdays.

Coffee Afternoon

Coffee MorningAnother thank you to everyone who supported our coffee afternoon. You help us in so many ways by either helping on the day or coming in to buy cakes and the raffle tickets. We raised a whopping £241.30 on the day which is amazing. This will go towards our Christmas entertainment for the residents.


We must say congratulations to Britta who has had her twins early. They have been called Hallie and Archie. Britta will be returning to work in the New Year at some time.

Further Congratulations

Gosh you have all been busy!!!
Mrs. Marjorie Stonely has welcomed a new great grandson called Theo William. Mrs. Ann Milstead has her new great granddaughter Isabelle. How lovely, just in time for Christmas.



Christmas TreeWell it’s fast approaching now!! The decorations are all up and Mountside is looking very festive. Michael has done so well this year as it really does look lovely. We hope that you will all enjoy our Christmas entertainment that we have booked for you. This year we have some new entertainers so we would love your feedback on them because we hope to invite them back if you enjoy them. We must of course thank the entertainers that come throughout the year and many of them now we look on as friends. Then we have our furry visitors to thank, we are very lucky in having our PAT dogs here. Connie and Mellie visit us every Wednesday and drag their owners Sally and the very good looking Ro (his words!!) with them. On Tuesdays we have Dolly that comes round to see you all as well. That is of course without Bonnie who will seek you out in your rooms for a treat as you well know. She is known to join the coffee round to but being a labrador it’s expected.

Managers Moment

CQC SuccessAs our thoughts turn towards Christmas we also think about the people that we have lost throughout the year and their families.
Our staff are all so good, many have volunteered to work Christmas day, it has nothing to do with double time!!!   
It is time to thank them for all of their hard work throughout the year. We have had many changes in staff throughout the year and I know that this is true for many other care settings to.
Of course we must thank Shelagh for all of her hard work throughout the year. The Coffee afternoons that she arranges and she does all of the baking for. I know all of our residents would wish to thank her to. Thank you and well done.
We must also thank our Directors who do support us throughout the year. Families as well for your continued support for our residents, it really does make the difference.
Christmas is about family and taking time to enjoy one another, not about presents under the tree. We perhaps do not do that enough always.
We have already enjoyed some of the entertainment but I know that Keith and I are really looking forward to the Christmas party next week. Costumes ironed and rhymes written is all I can say!!!
Area one is nearly finished being decorated. Once the painting is completed then there will be more red carpet being laid. Area two has been painted which looks so much lighter. We would also like to decorate the toilet in area one soon. Our thoughts will then turn towards our Dining room that is looking like us after Christmas, a little tired!! There is also a lot of works being carried out to the outside areas that you do not see. We have had two chimneys taken down and hope to start work on the flat roof to area two soon, weather permitting.
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all xx.