March  2020

Birthday Wishes
Wishes go to: Miss. Beryl Wilson, Mrs. Elizabeth Grieg, Mrs. Phyllis Padgham, Mrs. Doris Hunnisett and finally Mrs. Bessie Constantinou
Enjoy your birthdays.

RaffleValentines Raffle
 During our Elvis afternoon which nicely put us in the mood for Valentine’s day we held a raffle. Thank you to all of those who brought a ticket and helped us raise £34.00 for our Resident’s fund. 

Every Monday Shelagh goes around with her little mobile shop. The residents seem to enjoy having a browse and purchasing their favourite chocolate bar or sweets. The crisps seem to be a firm favourite. If there is anything different anyone would like to buy then please let us know.

Lunch TripLuncheon Club
Once we can get past all this wind and rainy weather that we have been having we are looking to start our lunch club up once again. If you wish to visit anywhere in particular, then please let us know.
We also hope to enjoy our garden once again in the very near future. Our thoughts are returning to booking the Ice cream man once again to all enjoy our 99s. Summer seems such a long time away but we have now turned the corner to enjoy spring.

ClothingTime for a new outfit?
Just a little reminder to you all that on Thursday 26th March at 2pm we have a visiting shop selling a large selection of Ladies and Gentleman’s clothing. I feel a spring outfit coming on!!!

We will soon be making our Easter bonnets which will be judged on 14th April when we hold our raffle and welcome back our animal friends. We are hoping that they might bring another newborn lamb once again. Our windows and tree in the lounge will be decorated to.

VE DayV.E Day Celebrations
We will celebrate this day on Thursday 6th May due to the bank holiday falling on a Friday.We have the Land Army girls booked to entertain you.

BunCoffee Afternoon
which would not be complete without cake!!
This will be held on Friday 3rd April from 2 – 4pm in the main lounge. As you can imagine there will be plenty of cakes to enjoy and a raffle will be held as well. All money raised will go towards our Resident’s fund. You are all very welcome to join us.

Some Further Dates for your Diary
Tues 14th July – Del Boy is here to kick off our BBQ.
Sunday 9th August – Is our family fun day in the garden. Bring your picnic with you

Managers Moment
CQC SuccessWe really must begin by informing you all that Bernard, Carole and Graham Irving are no longer our Directors. Mountside was sold on Friday 28th February 2020. Carole and Bernard will now be retiring properly without the worries of owning a business. Graham will be concentrating on other ventures now. Obviously, it is tinged with sadness as they had been here for fifteen years, but we now are lucky enough to have another family to love Mountside once again. We welcome Ravi, Anand and their father Ajaya as our Directors and wish them all the success and support that they need. This has come as a big surprise to you all but if you have any worries then please come to see us. Ravi is here on a Monday or Thursday for the short term if you wish to come and meet him.
We have lots to look forward to with different events approaching. You will all see some new faces staff wise as we have successfully appointed within the care team. Also, we have another new Kitchen Assistant as well as a new Housekeeper that will commence next week. It is always sad in losing staff, but we wish Rebecca and Christina well in their new posts.
Well, I think that is quite enough for one month’s news so until next time …..