JUNE   2019

Sunny Afternoons

We are hoping to have a few sunny afternoons to enjoy our lovely gardens outside. Of course this is always made better whilst enjoying an ice cream which we also hope to do at the same time.

During these summer months please remember to drink more, we really do need to keep hydrated.

Our Lottery Winners

LottoThe May winners are :-

4th May – Mr.Graham Irving
11th May – Mrs. Daphne Coleman
18th May – Roll over
25th May – Mrs. Daphne Coleman


Birthday Wishes

Birthday wishes go to: Mrs. Rhona Wenham, Mrs. Gillian Huggins, Mrs. Elsie Jones, Mrs. June Halsey, Mrs. Judy Hayden and Mrs. Marjorie Stonely.

Recently we held a very enjoyable afternoon with Lisa and her Karaoke. Although at first we were all a bit shy we soon started to belt out the tunes!! We started in groups but then a few of our residents sang solos. We will be doing this again on 10th July so if you have any favourite songs then let us know. We have also started sing a long sessions during the afternoons as many of you enjoy your singing.

Film Afternoon

We were lucky enough to be invited to a showing of Singing in the rain at Azur. The tables were beautifully laid up and we were served with cakes and biscuits which was washed downed with Tea and Coffee. The afternoon included a raffle and was opened by the deputy Mayor. There is to be another film called Shining Light on 2nd September that we have been invited to. If you are interested in going to this then please let us know to arrange it. 

Our Hospital Project


Tumisu / Pixabay

This has been a difficult subject to research and we came to a bit of a standstill on it due to limited information on some of the hospitals in Hastings. Luckily, after a struggle, our wonderful library lady has managed to give us some more details that she has found. We are still hoping to research the The Royal East Sussex Hospital so if anyone has any information about this we would be very grateful to use this within our project.

Alexandra Park

projectNow the weather is more settled Shelagh is hoping to take some residents to the park to take some photographs to go with our other recent project. Also we now have a contact number for a speaker so we are hoping to be able to book him for August. It is possible that he may also have some old photographs taken from the park.

Coffee Afternoon

Coffee Break

youleks / Pixabay

We are hoping to host another afternoon in the near future to enjoy a hot drink and pastry. We will soon advertise a date for this. All proceeds made will go towards our Resident’s fund as always and we will be selling raffle tickets as well.


FarmPackham Farm

Thursday 25th July we are welcoming back our farmyard pals. This time as well as the small animals Hollie will be bringing her miniature donkey, Florence with her. As it is during the school holidays we would like to invite any children to this event.

Managers Moment

CQC SuccessHopefully you will have noticed that we are painting around the building. Currently we are in areas 1 and 4 in the main corridors; gradually we aim to update all of our corridors.
With the summer months we are very much looking forward to using Valley View and being out in the garden more. We have already planned our annual BBQ for July, if you are planning to join us then please let us know for catering numbers. So many of you enjoyed our visiting farmyard as you already know we have booked them once again. We do have some new entertainers coming to Mountside and we would like your thoughts on these because if you do enjoy them we will rebook them. We also have a visit from Amber Rudd who will be coming on Friday 19th July to meet us all.